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Learning to reconnect….and people respond

October 25, 2007

My personal career transition has awakened by senses and heightened my awareness on a whole range of issues.  I feel liberated and enlightened as I take the time to think and learn about what will “make things right” for me in my personal life and professional career pursuits.

Over the past few weeks, I have been actively “walking the talk” about reconnecting with people-family, friends and colleagues.  I have been overwhelmed with the response when I’ve taken the initiative to reconnect and to “open up” about what was happening in my world and to learn more about others.  I have renewed energy and vitality to share and reflect with people who have always been willing to respond and to help with a a kind word or idea.

Personal learning is indeed a life-long journey and not a destination.  As the saying goes: “enjoy the ride”.  My journey to reconnect and to share continues.


Career Transition: A small reflextion…..

October 15, 2007

A career transition, whether voluntary or involuntary, is a time for mixed emotions that can ebb and flow from fear and uncertainty to relief and exhilaration (and numerous other emotions in between). The transition impacts not only the person themselves but their family, friends, former work colleagues and all others with whom they have made a personal connection.

To quote a phrase: “A PERSON IS NOT AN ISLAND UNTO THEMSELVES”. This resonates very strongly as the reality of the career transition stirs focused action to reconnect with others in order to share the news and learn what has been happening in each others lives. A transition is a change and an excellent opportunity for renewal of energy and a re-discovery of what energizes and enlivens a person’s personal and professional life.

To quote another phrase” “ITS PEOPLE THAT MATTER”. How often is this phrase stated with little or no real meaning in our everyday lives? However, during the career transition, this phrase takes on a whole new meaning as family, friends and colleagues empathize and place themselves in the other person’s shoes. One has only to reach out to others to receive guidance and support-people do care and are willing to help.

In the end a career transition is a time of change just like the seasons. Changes are necessary for growth and development and a career transition is a part of life that must be embraced and shared. To quote another phrase: “NOTING VENTURED, NOTING GAINED”.

Entertainment or Edutainment: The lines are blurred…..

August 15, 2006

I recently saw the movie: “Who Killed the Electric Car” which was a documentary about the G.M. EV1 electric vehicle which was leased in Southern California in 1996 in response to the state’s zero emissions vehicle program (ZEV).  This program was designed to counteract smog and pollution.  Only around 1,000 EVis were produced before G.M. cancelled the project in 2002 due to “insufficient demand”. 

This was definitely an eye-opening documentary that peaked my interest on not only all the issues involved in the demise of the EV1 but on how pervasive edutainment has become in wide range of multimedia formats.  Educatinment (or educational entertainment) is entertainment that is designed to educate, amuse, or to change behavior by engendering specific sociocultural attitudes as noted in Wikipedia.  Edutainment is another form of education or learning which is based on the sheer fun or love of learning. 

The ideas presented in the documentary were further reinforced after the movie by doing a search on the movie’s title.  Sites ranging from Apple, PBS, Sony Pictures, and G.M’s Blog (to name just a few) provided opportunities to watch trailers, download trailers for an iPod, download transcripts, listen to mp3 files, join-in a discussion, etc.  Long live the participation age where everything can be researched online in a few mouse clicks. 

Have you recently experienced a first-class edutainment experience that stirred your imagination?

Gas Price Increases: A Metaphor for Learning by Repetition

August 13, 2006

No one likes learning by repetition but it still dominates our lives…. 

Following Shell’s recent announcement on oil production cutbacks due to pipeline corrosion in the Alaskan Prudhoe Bay facility, regular unleaded gas in California hit $3.20 per gallon as reported in USA today on August 11.  On the other hand, I noticed that gaps prices in Northern Virginia around Falls Church have remained steady for the past few weeks at around $3.05 per gallon for regular unleaded.  My immediate reaction was to simply focus on the fact that gas prices in my local area will inevitably rise due to the principles of supply and demand.    However, as I’m always questioning why at a deeper level in order to reflect on the idiosyncrasies of human behavior, I changed tact to focus on the power of repetition in our daily lives. 

Corporations continue to be highly successfully in brainwashing our thoughts and behaviors through slick media advertising and astute political lobbying.  Their aim is to ensure we become “hooked” on any product or service you may care to name.  Their methods are highly successful due to the power of repetition.  Nonetheless, have we stopped (if only for a fleeting moment) to consider the efficacy of what is happening?  Let’s look for a moment at vehicle sales and our dependency on gas.  The world’s major automobile manufacturers continue to ensure the supremacy of gas engines over hybrid or electric powered vehicles.  By advertising a host of incentive programs and focusing on safety, comfort, and style, these companies are blatantly reinforcing the underlying message that gas is great and the world has unlimited petroleum resources.  Vehicle fuel economy figures contribute to the highly effective sales pitch in order to “hook” and sway our decisions.

Repetition works to sell vehicles and to ensure dependency on gas.  By why then do we continue to complain as gas prices rise due to the impacts of undersupply from broken pipelines and political instability around the globe?  Have we not learned through repetition that our gas-guzzling world is non-sustainable and will continue to ensure a host of political and social problems?