Learning to reconnect….and people respond

My personal career transition has awakened by senses and heightened my awareness on a whole range of issues.  I feel liberated and enlightened as I take the time to think and learn about what will “make things right” for me in my personal life and professional career pursuits.

Over the past few weeks, I have been actively “walking the talk” about reconnecting with people-family, friends and colleagues.  I have been overwhelmed with the response when I’ve taken the initiative to reconnect and to “open up” about what was happening in my world and to learn more about others.  I have renewed energy and vitality to share and reflect with people who have always been willing to respond and to help with a a kind word or idea.

Personal learning is indeed a life-long journey and not a destination.  As the saying goes: “enjoy the ride”.  My journey to reconnect and to share continues.


3 Responses to “Learning to reconnect….and people respond”

  1. сталкер Says:

    Ну одно ито же пишут(

  2. Glen Says:

    I, too, would like to start on that one… (sigh) T,T it’s just hard that when you try to start picking up where you left, it seems the crowd has gone way, way ahead of you… and that’s what im trying to figure out now, on how-to-again…

  3. johnsonmosley4307 Says:

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