Learning from the Seasons

The crisp air of Fall 2007 awakens the senses as I hike down our long, winding street. I marvel at change in vegetation colors as the carpet of maple leaves continues to grow under foot. This is a great time to reconnect with the beautiful outdoors and to marvel at what we can learn about ourselves as the seasons change.

A few thoughts to ponder:

  • We are a product of our natural environment as well as our upbringing and life experiences.
  • We need to listen, observer and feel the change in nature in order to awaken and enrich our creativity and energy
  • In respecting the natural envrionnment, we are respecting and enriching ourselves.

Nature is one of our greatest teachers bu will we open our minds and hearts long enough to learn from her lessons? We must change to grow and changes in the seasons are an ideal time to reflect on who we are and how we can rekindle our personal connections with our family members, friends and colleagues in order to enrich and expand our horizons.


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