Career Transition: A small reflextion…..

A career transition, whether voluntary or involuntary, is a time for mixed emotions that can ebb and flow from fear and uncertainty to relief and exhilaration (and numerous other emotions in between). The transition impacts not only the person themselves but their family, friends, former work colleagues and all others with whom they have made a personal connection.

To quote a phrase: “A PERSON IS NOT AN ISLAND UNTO THEMSELVES”. This resonates very strongly as the reality of the career transition stirs focused action to reconnect with others in order to share the news and learn what has been happening in each others lives. A transition is a change and an excellent opportunity for renewal of energy and a re-discovery of what energizes and enlivens a person’s personal and professional life.

To quote another phrase” “ITS PEOPLE THAT MATTER”. How often is this phrase stated with little or no real meaning in our everyday lives? However, during the career transition, this phrase takes on a whole new meaning as family, friends and colleagues empathize and place themselves in the other person’s shoes. One has only to reach out to others to receive guidance and support-people do care and are willing to help.

In the end a career transition is a time of change just like the seasons. Changes are necessary for growth and development and a career transition is a part of life that must be embraced and shared. To quote another phrase: “NOTING VENTURED, NOTING GAINED”.


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