Learning 2006: Laughter is the BEST Medicine – Loretta LaRoche

One of the most uplifting and energizing general sessions at the Learning 2006 Conference was presented by Loretta LaRoche who is “an international stress management and humor consultant whose wit, and irreverent humor, has, for over 30 years raised the humor potential in all of us.” 

Over the past 10 years, I have attended three conference sessions presented by Loretta and each time I have been brought to tears through belly laughter and timeless humor that pokes fun at the lunacy of the human experience.  Can you imagine over 1,800 learning professional loosing their inhibitions and voluntarily  holding hands, dancing, and singing to Dean Martin’s timeless tune “That’s Amore”?  Well, Loretta is guaranteed will open your mind and give you a new lease on life that will spark your playfulness and energize the child within.  We are all too serious and definitely need an occasional jolt in order to open our minds to different activities that will not only enhance learning but also reduce stress and prolong our lives. 

Here is a selection of Loretta’s quotes and wisdom for a fun-filled energetic life:

Ø      Break the spell with “juicy” words: “I’m feeling BRILLIANT today!”

Ø      Be in the moment every day

Ø      Engage not enrage

Ø      Look at the bless in the mess

Ø      Disarm and defuse the tension by saying: “Get off the cross and stop complaining-someone else needs the wood!”

Ø      Stop “squeezing” when faced with situations you cannot control

Ø      Do a little twirl to reduce stress as you say with puckered lips: “Oh no!   What am I going to do about it?”


One Response to “Learning 2006: Laughter is the BEST Medicine – Loretta LaRoche”

  1. Loretta LaRoche Says:

    Just recently joined WordPress.com
    Found your blog.
    Thank you for your wonderful words!
    Love Loretta
    come and read my Get a Life Blog.

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