Learning 2006 Conference: Online Collaboration Rules!

Last week I attended Elliott Masie’s Learning 2006 Conference in Orlando, Florida.  I joined over 1,800 learning colleagues from around the world for an energized and fun experience based on the theme “Learning in a Flatter World”. 

Amongst the plethora of online pre-conference experiences, the social networking colleague community really stressed the point of online dialog, exploration and collaboration around personal profile pinpoint connections for My work, My style, My topics, and I’m seeking.  I connected with a number of overseas colleagues with similar interests via e-mail then physically met a number of these folks at the conference. 

At the conference, various session attendees (including myself) volunteered to act a “scribe” and then made the commitment to place notes on the wiki page/s for the session.  Over 150 PCs and Macs were set-up in the Exploratorium for conference attendees to access all online resources and to continue adding comments while also checking work and private e-mail accounts. 

Since leaving the conference, a number of people whom I met face-to-face have invited me to join their network on the LinkedIn social networking systems.  Once again, this is another powerful online learning and collaborative experience to extend post-conference activities. 

I intend to write additional blogs about my experience at specific conference sessions that I attended.  Stay tuned.


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