Storytelling for Personal Learning: Andy Andrews

I just finished reading the Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews which is a New York Times Best Seller.  Please ready a synopsis of the book here.

This is no ordinary self-help book of the usual genre.  It is truly inspirational and uplifting to the point that I could hardly wait to read more each day.  What impressed me most about the book was Andy’s ability to tell a series of stories that combine historical facts from the lives and times of such luminaries as Presidents Truman and Lincoln and Anne Frank with unforgettable life lessons that awaken the mind and engage the heart. 

How often we forget that history has so much to teach us and that the art of story telling is probably one of the most influential ways to impact learning and to foster behavioral and attitudinal change.


One Response to “Storytelling for Personal Learning: Andy Andrews”

  1. Allen Campbell Says:

    I agree with you, Andy is a master at story telling. His word have truly changed my life, so much so that the company that I work for has given me the opertunity to have Andy come speak to us in may of 2006. And now in Feb. 2008 we will have Andy back for three days, for a seminar an evinging with Andy and Sunday morning March 2 2008 he will speak at my church. We are selling tickets to the first two events and all proceeds will go to childrens hospital. If you are intrested in Attending please e-mail me and I will let you know all the details.
    Allen Campbell

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