Milton Hershey: Visionary, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Last weekend my wife and I visited Hershey, Pennsylvania.  This was our first visit to the “Sweetest Place on Earth”, the home of Hershey’s Chocolates, Hershey Museum, Hershey Amusement Park, Hershey Gardens, plus other institutions and interesting attractions. 

Apart from the glitz and commercialism of Hershey Chocolate World, we were very impressed to discover details about Milton and Catherine Hershey’s love for learning and their desire to create a philanthropic legacy that continues to this day: the Milton Hershey School Trust.   Read some background here and here

One very interesting detail we learned about Milton Hershey from the Hershey Museum was that following a trip to Europe and Egypt, Milton was due to return the USA on the fatal voyage of the Titanic.  However, at the last minute, he forfeited his $300 deposit and booked package on a German ship.  This vessel arrived safely in New York one week ahead of the Titanic’s planned arrival.  It’s interesting to ponder what may have occurred to all of Hershey’s endeavors if Milton continued with his original plans to board the Titanic……


5 Responses to “Milton Hershey: Visionary, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist”

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