Take a Break to Open and Relax the Mind

How often do we all get so focused on daily work and achieving endless tasks in the 24 x7 information age that we fail to see and/or experience the “little” things in life that uplift our spirits and connect us to one another?   Unfortunately (if you are reading this blog) you can definitely identify with this question as you are probably multi-tasking in between doing other things. 

Today when reading the Presentation Zen blog, I was pleasantly surprised and uploifted by the entry: “Life as art practice (A glimpse of urban life in Kyoto)”.  The author references a friend and Kyoto-based Swiss designer and artist Markuz Saito who is implementing a project “based on the idea of slowing down, taking time, and being in the moment”. 

Markuz’s seven “meaningful encounters and fresh discoveries” were simple yet profound and definitely inspired me to daydream for a few minutes before I launched into my work day. 

Take a break to read this blog and to look at the links.  We all need regular sanity breaks to replenish our energy and to stir our creative juices!


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