Atmospheric Learning: Commercial Spaceports

The September 18, 2006 edition of Newsweek magazine has a short article titled: “The New Space Race”. Read it online here.

The article explores the burgeoning industry of spaceports around the world dedicated to commercial space travel for tourists who have beaucoup bucks to spend. Both Richard Branson of Virgin fame and Microsoft’s Paul Allen are partnering with governments and other investors to build these facilities.

One can only imagine the potential learning opportunities that will evolve as the price of as rocket-bound tourism comes within the reach of non-millionaire citizens. Sub-space flight has become so routine that we forget the early learning thrills that travelers experienced when the commercial flight industry made domestic and international air travel possible (and affordable).

Rocket fever is definitely expanding as many adventurous souls yearn to break the pull of gravity in order to view our earth-bound home from a different perspective (and perhaps learning more about ourselves and the fragility of our planet).


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