Health Learning from Contrarian Viewpoints: Dr. Robert Jay Rowen

Are you fed up with conflicting and one-sided views on illness, drugs and a whole range of medical issues?  Do you need and alternate view that not only questions the conventional wisdom on healthcare but provides practical advice that is backed-up with solid complimentary medical evidence? 

I highly recommend you investigate Dr. Robert Jay Rowen’s “Second Opinion”.  His monthly newsletter is always read from cover to cover by my wife and myself and we actively implement many of his recommendations.  Dr Rowen is not adverse to controversy.  He covers topics from a contrarian counter-establishment perspective that make sense (in my opinion). 

My eyes have been opened and my health has definitely improved from a systems and integrated approach to health and wellness.  Thank goodness people like Dr Rowen continually urge us to reflect and to be skeptical about the plethora of highly questionable medical claims from multi-national drug companies that bombard us daily. 

Upon reflection, the most important health learning for me personally has been that knowledge is power and lifelong learning is the key to a more fulfilling and healthier life.


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