Learning Content with Context: Geotagging

In my post dated August 29, I mentioned my broadening interest in regularly reading blogs.   I’d like to recommend Futurismic written by the Armchair Anarchist who recently wrote about a new Flickr service called Geotagging.  

The Armchair Anarchist described Geotagging as a “convergence phenomenon” which is important as “the world is gaining the ability to communicate in meaningful ways”. 

While I agree with the Armchair Anarchist, I wish to broaden the discussion into the realm of learning.  In this case, a piece or nugget of visual learning content (a photo defined by tag, time, text, and group) is being placed into a contextual setting (the location on a map where the photo was taken).  This may be done for a number or reasons including:

Ø      To communicate and enhance a  broader story

Ø      To help answer questions such as “Why?”, “How?”, “Where?” etc.

Ø      To inform and deepen understanding

 Top marks to Flickr for enhancing our blended learning experiences!


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