Learning and Relearning (or is it Unlearning?)

I have made a personal commitment to expand the scope of my learning by reviewing a number of RSS feeds each day.  One feed that was recently recommended to me is Dave Taylor’s Intuitive Life Business Blog. 

Dave’s post on August 28 was titled: “Why Bloggers Must be Historical Revisionists”.  In reflecting on an article he recently wrote on the JonBenet murder case, Dave asked the question: “…when you have a blog entry — or any online information — that is shown post-publication to be wrong, should you leave it, update it without notice, or update it and indicate what you’ve changed?” 

Suffice to say that at the time of my writing this blog entry, Dave had elicited a number of strong views from bloggers regarding his choice to add an update regarding the fact that John Mark Karr is no longer a suspect. 

The comments are definitely interesting in their own right.  However, I’m always seeking to look beyond the actual content that is being written to uncover any possible learning issues and/or implications around the context.  In this case, I believe that adding an update to a previous blog entry (or any published article in a magazine, newspaper, etc.) is contributing to our ability to either:

Ø      reshape our opinions, and/or

Ø      relearn something of interest, and/or

Ø      unlearn something to reshape or relearn something else

 Learning is always in a perpetual flux as we grapple with the plethora of data and information that abounds as we interact 24×7 in the Participation Age.  This is a good thing, provided we do not become despondent by the sheer volume and/or by the opinions of others. 

What’s your opinion about relearning or unlearning in relation to updates that are made to previous blog entries?

Keywords: learning, relearning, unlearning, context, Participation Age


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