Photographic Fun Learning: Flickr as part of Blended Learning

My learning adventure in photography is gathering momentum. The weekend has presented a world-wind of blended learning activities that included:

  • online research on models, prices, features, consumer reviews, and feedback
  • visiting Ritz camera to physically inspect the items and talk with a knowledgeable person
  • purahcasing the items and a number of accessories online
  • creating a Flickr account, and uploading a series of shots from my first digit still camera (HP 812)

My new Flickr site has been launched with a series of shots taken at Old Town Alexandria, Virginia during August 2006 with the HP 812. Take a look and let me know what you think of the subject matter and my camera skills. All constructuve feedback is most welcome.

I believe my Flickr site will add more visual impact to my blog and I’ll be interested to learn how others are using Flickr to enhance and enrich their lives and learning experiences. I also intend to add future posts about my photographic learning fund that will soon extend into digit video.


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