Decision support to aid Blended Learning: The camera story continues…

My blog entry dated August 16 referenced my blended learning experiences in trying to choose a new digital still camera. I was almost sold on an Olympus waterproof model when I read a few customer reviews of the product on The buyers were not impressed with their product because it was not living up to their expectations. At that point I realized that I had not fully defined the features I needed based on my intended uses of a camera.

I returned to the My Product Advisor site and found an excellent example of a decision support tool that is easy to use and understand. This is another excellent example of a tool that aggregates and sorts huge amounts of data before making a series of recommendations. So, my learning continues and my interest has been heightened in digital camcorders.

We definitely need more of these online tools to make life easier. Have you found any others you wish to share?


2 Responses to “Decision support to aid Blended Learning: The camera story continues…”

  1. Jacob McNulty Says:

    Try – good luck!

  2. ideatrendz Says:

    Thanks for the tip. This is a great site which I’ll definitely bookmark. Cheers.

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