To book or not to book an airfare: Another learning opportunity

Recently I am reading a wider range of RSS feeds on Bloglines.  One blog that always catches my attention is Tom Peters

On September 21, Eric Hansen posted a comment on Tom’s blog titled: Fare Hunting.  Eric references a Wired article describing two web sites that search and aggregate airfares: Flyspy and Farecast

Quoting the Wired article: “..Farecast not only displays the lowest current fares, but uses predictive technology to determine what direction those fares will move in over the next seven days.” 

How may times have you looked on numerous web sites to find the best fare for a particular destination only to find out that someone else on you flight got a cheaper fare? 

When I explored the Farecast site it reminded me of a brokerage site where you can trend and track various stocks over different time period.   I then wondered how this type of predictive technology could assist learning in other fields that impact our daily lives such as gas prices in a local area, new and used car prices within a specific geography, etc.    The potential applications to help us sift and filter comparative data are almost endless. 


7 Responses to “To book or not to book an airfare: Another learning opportunity”

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