Entertainment or Edutainment: The lines are blurred…..

I recently saw the movie: “Who Killed the Electric Car” which was a documentary about the G.M. EV1 electric vehicle which was leased in Southern California in 1996 in response to the state’s zero emissions vehicle program (ZEV).  This program was designed to counteract smog and pollution.  Only around 1,000 EVis were produced before G.M. cancelled the project in 2002 due to “insufficient demand”. 

This was definitely an eye-opening documentary that peaked my interest on not only all the issues involved in the demise of the EV1 but on how pervasive edutainment has become in wide range of multimedia formats.  Educatinment (or educational entertainment) is entertainment that is designed to educate, amuse, or to change behavior by engendering specific sociocultural attitudes as noted in Wikipedia.  Edutainment is another form of education or learning which is based on the sheer fun or love of learning. 

The ideas presented in the documentary were further reinforced after the movie by doing a search on the movie’s title.  Sites ranging from Apple, PBS, Sony Pictures, and G.M’s Blog (to name just a few) provided opportunities to watch trailers, download trailers for an iPod, download transcripts, listen to mp3 files, join-in a discussion, etc.  Long live the participation age where everything can be researched online in a few mouse clicks. 

Have you recently experienced a first-class edutainment experience that stirred your imagination?


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